WomanThe TIES TO THE LAND project team formed in response to a shared concern about the consequences of a wave of unplanned transfers of private forestland on the fabric of families, communities and ecosystems in Oregon.

We know this issue is relevant beyond Oregon, and in natural resource dependent communities besides forestry.

The team's objectives include collaborating with other interested groups and organizations to:

» Develop and deliver succession planning programs to family woodland landowners and tree farmers throughout the country
» Build broader public awareness of the issue
» Develop strategies and networks to address other issues including policy analysis, professional development


The TIES TO THE LAND workbook and DVD are copyrighted materials. No portion of the workbook or DVD may be reproduced without express permission. Please contact us for that permission, which we will be happy to grant to educational colleagues or groups.

Christmas tree farmNetworking with Other Educators

We are interested both in sharing our products and directing our clients to other good resources developed by Extension, landowner organizations, conservation groups, agencies, and others.

Sharing Your Educational Materials

Do you have any succession related publication, webpage or other educational materials that you think would be of interest to woodland owners and that you would like to see listed or linked on the Related Resources page? If so, please contact us.