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Being clear about what you want for the future of your land is the first step in succession planning.

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"Every family has a story. Only a few have a legacy."

-Carrie L. Huntley

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Every generation needs to create their own ties to the land.

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Engaging the next generation is critical to building ties to the land.

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There’s little or no communication in most families about inheritance but talking is vital to success.  Family meetings are a great forum for these conversations.

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Ties to the Land Workshops

Ties to the Land focuses on succession planning, the human side of estate planning. This workshop will focus on strategies to maintain ties to the land from one generation to the next; building awareness of the key challenges facing family businesses; and motivating families to address the challenges.


Who Is Ties to the Land For?

Successfully transitioning land to the next generation is a collaborative effort.  Family, neighbors, friends, professional consultants, conservation organizations, and legal and financial advisers, to name a few, all may take part in crafting a succession plan. We are committed to ensuring that the many individuals and associations that may be involved in planning for succession have access to the resources and support they need to make it happen.   


Family Land Ownership Issues

Millions of acres of family owned forest and agricultural lands will change hands in the next several decades.  How those land transfers occur is important to maintaining those lands in their current use.  A successful transfer depends on the abilities of these families to work together to find the best solution for their situation. But the differences among family members in values, goals and lack of critical skills can lead to disaster.


How Ties to the Land Can Help

We provide the essential tools and resources that help woodland owners make the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives and pass their land to succeeding generations.