Bring Ties to the Land to Your Area

It is easy for any group or agency such as a local Tree Farm or other woodland owner organization, state Forestry Department, and Cooperative Extension Program to sponsor or facilitate TIES TO THE LAND workshops locally. The Workshop DVD is a ready to use package with complete workshop content and supporting materials for facilitators. Hosting a TIES TO THE LAND workshop is less complicated than hosting a live speaker - the DVD is always available when you need it to be. You will find most of what you need to organize, advertise and facilitate a TIES TO THE LAND program on the Workshop DVD, and we will post additional materials as things develop. Watch the Collaboration page for more information.

Workshop Section

The workshop itself is on the DVD. The virtual instructors, Clint Bentz and Mark Green, deliver the workshop content, so the facilitator does not need to have special expertise in this subject area. You will need to provide a projection and audio system suitable to the size of your audience and venue, but otherwise, it is ready to go. The workshop is divided into 6 modules, with about 2 hours and 20 minutes of total content. There are also five designed activities, to be conducted between each of the modules (the facilitator's job). Activities can be customized by the facilitator to suit the audience. Generally, this fits well in a 4-hour program (or maybe two, 2-hour sessions.)

Facilitator Section

This section of the DVD provides support for hosts & facilitators. This includes both video and written Facilitator Guidelines with descriptions of the activities and hints for running a workshop, an activity worksheet and promotional materials. Specifically, you will find:

» A Facilitator Guidelines video (10 minutes)
» A Facilitator Guidelines document (PDF)
» A Workshop Flyer, in draft that you can modify with local details
» Workshop Announcement, in draft, that you can modify with local details
» Activity Worksheet (PDF)

Program Costs and Ordering

The cost of the DVD (including one copy of the workbook for the facilitator) is $175. Workbooks are $25 each. Both can be purchased online.

Is This Program Relevant to Your Area?

TIES TO THE LAND is a project funded and developed in Oregon, but we designed our curriculum with the intent that it be broadly relevant. Yes, tax laws and other rules and regulations are specific to a place, but family dynamics are universal. Whenever possible we avoided referencing frequently changing or locally specific regulations and focused instead on the critical issue of communication. Workshop participants and workbook users in Oregon and elsewhere must turn to additional resources for locally relevant tax and regulatory issues.

We hope these materials are useful. Please contact us if you have questions about bringing TIES TO THE LAND to your area.