Resources for land owners

Many resources that address forest management and stewardship planning and estate planning may be helpful as you investigate succession planning. Many of these resources focus on the mechanics of the legal and financial process, and so they complement the family decision-making process highlighted in this workbook. Many are available online.

Succession and Estate Planning

Conservation Easements


  • National Timber Tax Website
    A reference for timber landowners and accountants, attorneys, consulting foresters, and other professionals who work with them. Extensive information on tax-related issues; includes a section on estate planning.
  • Timber Taxation
    A general guide about income taxes for forestland owners.

Other Management Planning



Ties to the Land Articles

These articles are designed to help address some of the topics that arise over the course of succession planning.  They range from assessing the value of your land to communicating with family members to finding forestry professionals.