Ties to the Land Workshops

If you care for your land, you probably have strong feelings about what happens to it in the future.  A big part of preserving your land legacy is succession planning.  It involves more than just having a will or an estate plan.  Those legal tools will ensure your heirs inherit the property, but not that they will choose to carry out the vision for it or even want to keep it.  Succession planning helps you pass on more than just the land.  Passing on your passion takes preparation and planning, and can be legally and emotionally challenging.  Despite this, many people find working through the challenges to a completed plan rewarding, satisfying and results in peace of mind.  

The Ties to the Land Workshops are designed to give you a firm understanding of the succession planning process and tools to get started.  At the workshop you will -

  • Learn the steps to succession planning
  • Understand the influence of generation gaps
  • Clarify your values and goals
  • Take home tools to determine your heirs' interests
  • Learn how to hold an effective family meeting
  • Gain knowledge of legal and other business considerations