Who Is Ties to the Land For?

The Ties to the Land Initiative assists woodland owners in addressing communication, emotional and legal aspects of succession planning. A succession plan is a more effective means for land owners to pass on their legacy than a traditional estate plan. An estate plan is just one step in succession planning.

A good estate plan will ensure heirs receive the land with lowered tax obligations. Although in the past this has lowered the urgency in some to have succession plans, having an effective plan in place can do more than lower tax obligations for their heirs. Good succession planning is a way of building shared vision and passion for the land among the current owners and the heirs as well as passing on the land with reduced estate taxes. At the Ties to the Land Initiative we recognize there are differences among family members’ values, goals, and skills, and help owners form an effective plan to keep land in the family or identify alternative paths when continued family ownership is not an option.

We provide the essential tools and resources that help woodland owners make the decisions necessary to achieve their objectives and pass their land to succeeding generations.

Our Ties to the Land guide helps you think through the social, financial and legal aspects of succession. Worksheets help you refine your goals, take stock of assets and sketch out a timeline, while case studies bring the lessons home